Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences



CIRES programs bridge scientific disciplines, institutions, and geographies, enabling rapid scientific response to emerging challenges, and fostering collaboration
Energy and Environment Initiative Energy and Environment Initiative

All these future energy options, renewable or fossil fuel based, impact the environment. CIRES researchers investigate the full suite of implications for air, water, land and ecosystem resources associated with different energy options.

Geomagnetism Geomagnetism

The CIRES/NCEI geomagnetism team conducts basic and applied research in the field of Earth magnetism. We develop data-based models and calculators of the various magnetic fields originating within the Earth and in the near-Earth space environment.

Western Water Assessment Western Water Assessment

The Western Water Assessment (WWA) is CIRES’ signature integrating activity, relying on multidisciplinary teams of experts in climate, hydrology, ecology, law, and policy to work with decision makers across the Intermountain West to produce policy-relevant information about climate variability and change.

Education and Outreach Education and Outreach

To help people connect with CIRES to increase the use and understanding of science for a sustainable future.  We help CIRES make contributions to education, training, learning resources, evaluation and community building.