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Stanley G. Benjamin

Stanley G. Benjamin

Research Interests

I am a senior scientist for advanced modeling systems at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory (Global Systems Division) in Boulder, Colorado. My interests lie in data assimilation, including for clouds, radar and boundary layer, and global subseasonal coupled (atmospheric-ocean-aerosol) modeling and forecasting. Our group in GSD works closely with the National Weather Service on improving NOAA’s operational models. We focus on improved frequently updated convection-allowing modeling for severe weather, aviation/transportation, hydrology, and energy applications. We also work on improving model representations of the boundary layer, land surface, and stable and convective clouds including aerosol interaction.

Current Research

Some of my branch’s current projects include:

  • Development of Rapid Refresh (RAP) and High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR), two experimental models developed in the Global Systems Division which are now operational, helping weather forecasters around the country predict rapidly changing weather conditions including tornadoes, flash flooding and severe snowstorms.
  • Development of the Flow-following finite-volume Icosahedral Model (FIM). This still-experimental global model uses an icosahedral grid, one composed of evenly sized pentagons and hexagons rather than a more conventional grid based on latitude and longitude. FIM’s other features—an adaptive vertical coordinate system that concentrates around frontal zones and the tropopause) and finite-volume horizontal transport— improve global forecast skill.
  • Work with several models to improve hurricane forecast guidance. For example, we provided experimental forecast guidance to the NOAA National Hurricane Center during the 2014 season, through the NOAA Hurricane Improvement Project.
  • Directing application of HRRR and RAP for the aviation/transportation community and for renewable energy, including ongoing wind and solar energy projects for the Department of Energy and NOAA, to improve energy management toward more efficient use of renewable energy.
Weather model shows ground temperature

This image, made with HRRR, NOAA’s newest weather model, shows ground temperature readings at 2-mile resolution. Each pixel is shaded by temperature from yellow (113 degrees Fahrenheit) to white (32°F)

View Publications

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