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Peter Molnar

Peter Molnar

Research Interests

I teach a little and carry out research in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado. I was trained as a seismologist, but most of my current work addresses either geodynamics or climate. I study how mountain ranges are built and how the dynamics of flow within the mantle affects the earth’s surface. I also study how manifestations of geodynamic processes, like high mountain ranges and plateaus or ocean gateways, have affected climate on geologic time scales.

Current Research

The Great American Biotic Interchange and the Ice Age

I am pursuing the Great American Biotic Interchange, an event that occurred in pulses since the Ice Age began and ice first covered Canada approximately 2.5 million years ago (Ma). In a series of perhaps four waves, large animals, mostly mammals, crossed from North to South or South to North America. Familiar examples are llamas and alpacas that evolved from now extinct North American camelids and thrive in South America, and armadillos and anteaters that came north from South America. All passed through the Isthmus of Panama, but virtually none would do so today; most are thought to prefer grassy savannas to jungles with snakes, crocodiles, and mosquitoes. Controversy has surrounded the reasons behind the Great American Biotic Interchange, with some arguing for an emergence of the Isthmus of Panama at 2.5-4 Ma, and others thinking that the Isthmus has been in place since 10-15 Ma (as recent evidence suggests), and that the key was cooling and aridification of Panama when large ice sheets expanded across Canada and as far south as St. Louis [Molnar, 2008]. An analysis of both different fossil taxa and molecular lineages suggests that except for sloths and a few rodents, most large mammals passed through Panama after 2.5 Ma [Bacon et al., 2016]. With Argentine and North American colleagues, I am trying to pursue this by dating precisely the first appearances of various taxa that cross from North America to South America.

Ice ages and their influence on the Great American Biotic Interchange. A: Map of the region. B: Representative mammal species that migrated through Panama (anteater, elephant-like gomphothere, and porcupine). C: Datasets suggesting a drying environment at 2.5 Ma, shown by δ18O from benthic foraminifera, a proxy for global temperature, smoothed with a Gaussian window of 200 ky; eustatic sea level; and magnetic susceptibility, a proxy for ice rafted debris and Northern Hemisphere glaciation. D: Mammal migration estimated from fossil and molecular data, plotted based on occurrence data binned by million year intervals and calculated for abundance and diversity. Dashed line at 2.5 Ma reflects onset of Ice Ages. (From Bacon et al. [2016].)

View Publications

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